For those who may wonder, why no to NY farms?  The answer is there has been an outbreak of Swine Brucellosis (SB) in NY and we are doing our very best to protect our wonderful pigs. The disease can be spread between animals and anyone who has come in contact with an infected pig. While not fatal, it does impact the fertility of the animal and with such a limited number of Mulefoots in the world, we do not want even fewer. So if you have pet a pig in NY, please do not visit our farm for 30 days. Many thanks from us and our piggies.

Firefly Farms beef was featured in a NY Times article! Read all about it at 'Buying Your Beef Right on the Farm' by CHRISTOPHER BROOKS

Conservators of Rare Breeds

Firefly Farms is a small family farm in North Stonington that raises and cares for rare and critically endangered pigs, cattle, and chickens. We are one of two farms in the state of Connecticut to be Humane Certified which means we went through an incredibly stringent assessment to ensure our animals have the very best treatment for their entire lives.